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Our state of the art facilities offer a clean and safe atmosphere to board your dog while you are away. Your dog will be cozy and secure in our spacious kennels. Boarding dogs participate in group play with other boarders unless they do not pass the onsite temperament test, are intact over 9 months, or otherwise requested by the owners.


Lucky Dog Stay and Play All About Boarding

What to Bring: 

Food - please package your dog's kibble and/or wet food in ziplock bags per serving to ensure the correct amount of food is given at each feeding

Treats to give throughout the day

1 bone/toy per dog

Do Not Bring:

Food and water bowls

Blankets and beds

Flea and tick collars


Please predispense any medications/vitamins/supplements into a pill container for each day of your dog's stay

Take a Look at Our Kennels

A standard single kennel size at Lucky Dog Stay and Play is 5 feet x 5 feet. We also offer family kennels that are 10 feet x 5 feet and can comfortably fit multiple dogs from the same household. All of our kennels are set up with a dog bed, food bowl, water pail, and shelf to store the dogs belongings. We also offer kennels that have a medicine cabinet for those that require medication during their stay!


When you drop your dog off for boarding, you will be greeted by one of our staff in the front office. From there, we will obtain important information, answer any questions, and get your dog all set for their stay. Once they are all settled in, they will be let out frequently to run and play in one of the many pens that are utilized for boarding play groups.

What Boarding Looks Like


New clients and/or previous customers with new dogs please complete this form first.

All customers interested in scheduling a boarding appointment please complete this form.

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