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State of the Art Dog Grooming


Lucky Dog Stay and Play offers grooming in a facility that comes fully equipped with canine bathing stations, lift tables, and experienced dog groomers that can get your pup looking and smelling fresh and clean!


Bark and Brush

Alyssa's Grooming provides all service grooming that is located right at our Lucky Dog Stay and Play site. Alyssa is a certified groomer who previously worked as a dog handler at Lucky Dog before receiving her grooming license, so she has plenty of experience handling dogs as well as grooming them! She has groomed a wide variety of dogs from different breeds, sizes, and ages. An added benefit of scheduling your grooming appointment with Alyssa is that you can schedule daycare and/or boarding at the same time as your pups groom. If you are interested or would like more specific information on Alyssa's Grooming you can contact Alyssa at 814-490-2469 or email

Rachel Rose Dog Grooming

Rachel's grooming is an all-service dog grooming located at Lucky Dog Stay and Play. Rachel has been a member of the Lucky Dog staff since March 2023 and she has worked closely with Alyssa to learn her specific style of grooming across a wide variety of different dog sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Rachel is now accepting Saturday grooming appointments! If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or have any questions you can contact her at 814-882-1639 or​.

Call, text, or email to get a grooming appointment scheduled today!

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