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About Us

The Place Where Doggie Dreams Come True

Here at Lucky Dog Stay and Play we treat every dog like our own. Each of our staff members posses the love, compassion, and patience it takes to care for each dog as they stay and play at their favorite place on earth!

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Who We Are


Joe - Owner

Joe began his career with dogs as a breeder and owner of Shade of Grey Weimaraners. He started out breeding and selling dogs at his home property, while also working full-time at General Electric. In 2017, he purchased what used to be the Lake Pleasant Golf Course because he was in need of more land to utilize for his breeding dogs. However, he quickly realized the demand for dog boarding services and planned to incorporate that under the old golf course clubhouse. After just a couple years, Joe realized that the land he now had available at the golf course could provide a one of a kind experience for dog  boarding and daycare, and he opened Lucky Dog Stay and Play in 2019. He has since been growing and improving Lucky Dog, while also maintaining Shade of Grey Weimaraners, his breeding business. 

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Jessica - Manager

Jessica started working at Lucky Dog Stay and Play in August of 2022. She quickly realized how much she enjoyed working with the dogs that come through our facility everyday and continued to put many hours into caring for the dogs and helping the business. After a few months, she was promoted to lead handler so she could help direct new staff to perform in a similar way. In August 2023, Jess was promoted to manager and has since been helping the business grow and expand while also bonding with the new dogs. There is not a more dedicated and hardworking employee at Lucky Dog Stay and Play. She even lives on the property, so she makes herself very available to help staff and customers alike!

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Alyssa - Groomer

Alyssa is the a groomer here at Lucky Dog, and she has been grooming here for about a year and a half! She went to school at Cleveland Grooming Academy, and she also worked at Lucky Dog Stay and Play for sometime before leaving for grooming school. She is able to groom almost every breed and provides desheds, trims, baths, nail trims, ear cleaning, and more! If you would like your pup all cleaned up before they go home from a boarding stay or even during a daycare day, she can do that too. Even if you would like to bring your dog in just for a groom, she can get you on the schedule. Call or text 814-490-2469 to make an appointment today!

Daycare and Boarding Virtual Tours

The following virtual tours have been created for your viewing and understanding of how our facilities operate. Since we are not able to offer in-person tours, we hope that these can provide a sufficient replacement and ease any worries you may have before bringing your dog to stay with us for the day or for an extended stay!

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